*Save The Dates* For The Most Influential Event of The Year!


We ..okay .. I! am beyond excited for what we are offering our attendees and brands alike on the BLP ConnectHER 2013 Tour!  For those that have not heard the buzz by now, we are hitting four cities across central and southern California in 2013 bringing you top influencers, speakers and exciting and fresh ideas!  We can’t give you all the good news in this blog post, but here is the one thing I am the most excited about!

BLP will be an Invitation -Only Event in 2013! 

1) We will be offering a VERY VERY VIP Rate for those that want their sure ticket in to this amazing event but it will only be available during a one-two week period with no opportunity to purchase tickets this year!  Make sure to get on the mailing list to be notified!

2) For those wishing to apply to attend, BLP,LLC will be fully sponsoring the attendance fee for those selected to attend.

See You Soon!


Los Angeles September 29, 2013

San Diego  October 20, 2013

San Francisco February 23 2014

Inland Empire March 9, 2014

We anticipate selling out of this event and filling our guest audience within several days so make sure you are “in the know” and get on the information list today!


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