Attached Parenting: MOMpreneur & Time Magazine

A fellow colleague of mine and fellow mom blogger, Jaime Lynne Grumet, was on the cover of TIME magazine today.  The article is about attachment parenting and it has truly created a stir in all of the social media streams this morning (#attachmentparenting).  I am sure it is to be the talk of the day in play dates, play groups and anywhere moms hangout.   I even caught the conversation on TV with Jillian on Good Day LA saying that she does not judge parents, but that this style did not work for her.  It may not work for you, it does not work for me, but women need to support each other and look beyond the picture with a little boy standing on a chair breast feeding well beyond age 3.  It is all about support.

I have not known Jaime long, but we are in the same circle of busy moms looking to create awarness about our world as moms.  We see each other at events and chat on facebook . I have seen her in action and as a mom of two little guys this mompreneur is truley amazing. I applaud her for her courage and you should too.

 Seeing this article run in Time Magazine made me feel proud.  I am proud to know her and proud that she had the courage to be an influential mompreneur!

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